June 18 2018

Distribution of Information Letters

Civica staff will visit all homes involved in the Fog and Dye Program (Southworth St and Coventry Rd / Simpson St and Morningstar Ave) to hand-delivery information regarding the program, what residents can expect from the program, and what residents should do prior to the program.
June 25 2018

Door knockers will appear as a reminder

Civic staff will be in the neighbourhood to ensure that every residence involved in the Fog and Dye Program receives a Door Knocker as a reminder that the program is about to initiate. Feel free to ask Civica staff any questions about the program. They are happy to answer your questions.
June 26 2018

Fog and Dye testing begins

Civica staff will initiate the Fog and Dye Program. They will be in the neighbourhood conducting Fog testing in the sanitary sewer system and following up with dye testing on some areas.