What is Not Legal?

    • Like tobacco, the use of cannabis is not permitted in publicly owned spaces such as Welland Market Square, playgrounds, sports fields, and facilities
    • Cannabis use is not permitted in vehicles and boats that are being driven or under a person’s care or control
    • People under the age of 19 cannot buy, use, possess or grow cannabis
    • An unlicensed individual or corporation cannot sell or distribute cannabis
    • Travelling from Canada to another country with cannabis is not permitted
    • You cannot drive while impaired by cannabis
    • Advertising cannabis in public is not permitted

    What is Legal?

    • Adults 19 years and over can now purchase up to 30 grams(g) (about one ounce) of cannabis online through the Ontario Cannabis Store
    • Adults can have 30 g of dried cannabis in their possession
    • Cannabis can be used by adults in a private home or on private property and in places where it is legal to smoke tobacco
    • Condominiums/apartments can have their own rules around cannabis use/growth
    • Adults can grow up to four plants per household in their residence or in their outdoor space

    What is the Role of the Government of Ontario?

    • Proposed legislation (Bill 36) will impose strict licensing for private retail stores in Ontario regulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) who will control the number and location of retail stores
    • The province will set the conditions for retail licences including the number of stores, establishing a minimum distance between cannabis stores and schools, and enforce compliance
    • The province will control advertising under the proposed legislation
    • The province will continue to consult with municipalities and other stakeholders on the implementation of the private retail model