March → April 2019

Public Engagement on YourChannel

Join YourChannel and join the conversation. This is the initial stage of the Master Plan development where we hear what you have to say. Take the survey, show us your favourite places to visit, ask a question, or give us your ideas.
March 26 2019

Council Interview at General Committee - 6:00 pm

Input from Council about what they feel are the important considerations/issues/opportunities to address in Plan.
April 02 2019

Community Discussion Event - 5:00-7:00 pm

An Open House for the general public will take place just prior to the Council Meeting in the Community Room at Civic Square. Councillors will be in attendance.
April 15 → April 16 2019

Stakeholder Round Tables

Round Tables will consist of four, 75 minute sessions, each targeted to a specific stakeholder group, by invitation: Staff Stakeholders, Recreation and Sport Stakeholders, Arts, Culture and Special Event Stakeholders, and Community, School, Social and Service Stakeholders
May 2019

Master Plan Draft & Review

Early May – A draft of the Master Plan will be presented to the public during an Open House session (Date will be confirmed week of March 11th)

Mid May - The Steering Committee/City Leadership Team will conduct a final review of the plan

Late May - Plan will be presented to Council (Date TBA)