June 19 → September 30 2018


Phase-one of the waterway strategy includes a public engagement campaign. We want your ideas on how to create an active and inclusive community hub at the Lincoln Street Docks. How do you envision a community hub that will inspire social and recreational activity?

1.    Installation of public use docks for unsupervised swimming

·  Approx. 120 ft of dock will be added to existing dock at “Scuba Park” area of Lincoln St. Docks, outfitted with ladders for access to water

·  Docks are sourced from fabrication project for the 2018 ICF Canoe Polo World Championships

2.  Placement of public use amenities

·  Eight picnic tables

·  Six metal benches

·  Two bike racks stands

3.  Addition of two shaded sitting areas

·  Bench seating

·  Shade covering

·  Decorative stone and plants to enhance aesthetic value